Azerbaijani pianist gives concert in London

Prominent Azerbaijani pianist, rector of Baku Music Academy Farhad Badalbayli gave a concert in Saint James Church in London.

The concert was part of Cancer Research project headed by well-known conductor Dmitry Yablonsky. Janna Gandelman performed on violin.

The concert commemorated Fiona Maclachlan, a researcher and author of many articles in Visions of Azerbaijan.

People’s Artist of the USSR, Badalbeyli is an Azerbaijani pianist and composer and the son of famous actress Leyla and filmmaker Shamsi Badalbeyli.

Since 1991 he is the rector of the Baku Academy of Music, where he has taught since 1971.

The pianist is also the founder and artistic director of Gabala Music Festival, the grandiose musical event has been held in Azerbaijan’s Gabala region since 2009.

On his tours to different countries Badalbeyli regularly familiarizes foreign audience with the works of Azerbaijani composers.

The concerts presented by the pianist includes quite a wide range of classical and contemporary works, including sonatas by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, and Ravel.


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