Azerbaijani philosopher publishes new book

By: Laman Sadigova

The second, enlarged edition of the book “From Descartes to Foucault’s” by Doctor of Philosophy, professor of the Baku branch of Moscow State University Nazim Safarov has been published.

The first edition, released in 2012, quickly spread among fans of philosophical literature and received numerous positive reviews.

The characters in Safarov’s book are outstanding French philosophers whose works have become an integral and important part of world culture.

In the new book, the traditional chronology of the narrative gives way to a story line that unites various periods of the history of philosophy. It is hoped that the material presented in this paper may help to better understand the present by using the past, as well as the origins of the differences between eastern and western paradigms of thinking.

Nazim Safarov is the author of more than 100 philosophical, economic and political works, as well as 12 books, including “Philosophy of Prolegomena,” “From Descartes to Foucault,” “Philosophical thinking about humans,” “Economic philosophy,” “Philosophy and its role in the understanding of the new world” and others. His biography was published in the Encyclopedia “Russian philosophers of 19th-20th centuries


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