Azerbaijani Parliament’s Committee Chairman: “There is no Russia’s “fifth column” in Azerbaijan”

Baku: “Some media outlets regard the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, especially Russia’s policy in the region as if our public safety is under threat. Underlining the large delegation’s visit to Astrakhan, I want to stress that we observed respect of many influential people to the Azerbaijani people, President in Russia and in the region. We observed that our Russian counterparts are respecting the Azerbaijani state and its sovereign rights,” Chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament’s committee on legal policy and state-building Ali Huseynli said in his interview with APA.

Huseynli said that there is a strategic partnership between Russia and Azerbaijan: “I consider that the media outlets are exaggerating the issues over Russia’s policy in the region. Certain decisions are made in Russia. For example, decisions are made on citizenship or migration. It shouldn’t be regarded as a step against Azerbaijan or other country in any case. The decisions concern neighboring countries, including Slavic and Russian-speaking people. There is no ground to assume it.”

Regarding the claims that Russia’s “fifth column” has started operating in Azerbaijan following the Ukrainian crisis, Huseynli said:

“To be honest, I don’t believe. I don’t believe that Russia has a fifth column in Azerbaijan. It doesn’t exist. I don’t take this issue seriously. If we refer to what happened in Georgia and Ukraine, it was aimed against the policies therein, not peoples. And I don’t want to comment on whether they’re right or not about this issue. No matter how we comment on it, but the fact is blood is shed out there. The current government in Ukraine is also guilty of this issue. There is a need to conduct a dialogue.

According to Huseynli, populist speeches concerning Russia, especially the Russian language, in Azerbaijan are non-sense and not taken seriously: “I’ve witnessed many times some well-known people are making anti-Russian statements, although their children study at Russian section. This is quite surprising. I think that the existing generation in Azerbaijan must know Russian to communicate with neighboring countries, and English to communicate with our farther neighbors. Both languages bear much importance throughout the world. The Russian language will never fall short of significance. This language is especially important in terms of cultural integration”.


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