Azerbaijani General Prosecutor’s Office warns heads of some websites

Baku: The investigation conducted by the General Prosecutor’s Office has revealed that several media outlets, in violation of articles #10 and 11 of the law on media outlets, disseminated false and defamatory information on various state institutions, their heads and employees, as well as the criminal cases being investigated at the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Heads of Independent Information Agency (, “Cumhuriyyet”, “Qaynarinfo”, “Gundəminfo”, “”, “”, “İstiqlalaz”, Journalist Research Center ( and other media outlets were summoned to the General Prosecutor’s Office. According to article #22 of the law on prosecutor’s office, they were required to stop publishing false, biased and defamatory information, and warned that more strict legal measures will be taken in case that they will further continue to publish such information.


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