Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry accuses US ambassador of interfering in country’s internal affairs

Baku: “The interference in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs and the attempts to direct it is unacceptable. Azerbaijan, in its own policy, avoids interfering in other countries’ interior affairs, and therefore believes that, other countries, as well as the US should act the same way”, said spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Elman Abdullayev while commenting on US ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar’s interview with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

The diplomat said interstate relations should be based on the principles of equality: “Our independent development line, as well as successful reforms, and the works done toward legal state-building, forming and strengthening a strong civil society are evident. We are a state that has gained plenty of achievements, implementing reforms in many fields. We are a country that is presented to the international community as a successful model. Many influential countries approves of Azerbaijan’s flourishing development model, and stress that it pursues a wise domestic and foreign policy in many cases. In the short run, Azerbaijan was able to do what many Western countries, including the US, failed to do for decades. We repeatedly said that this kind of politically motivated statements and attempts to interfere in the work of independent courts cast shadow on the relations between our countries”.

Elman Abdullayev said that according to the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, diplomats’ main goal should be to further develop mutual understanding and friendship between countries: “Contradicting the spirit and provisions of the Vienna Convention, attempts to interfere in the interior affairs of the country they operate in are nothing but to cause damage to friendly relations that are developing on an equal base”.


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