Azerbaijani CEC reviews last appeal over Nov.1 parliamentary election

Baku: Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has reviewed the last appeal over the 5th convocation of the parliamentary election held in November 1.

CEC member Ramiz Ibrahimov said Dashqin Nuriyev, Elchin Akhundzadeh and others, who were registered at Jalilabad-Masalli-Bilasuvar Constituency No. 69 and nominated by the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, have appealed for the annulling of the election results in this constituency.

The appeal of complaint notes offences during the election. After investigations, the CEC has annulled the results at Polling Station 9 in this constituency.

Note that, the leading candidate in Jalilabad-Masalli-Bilasuvar Constituency No. 69 is Fazail Ibrahimov, who had been nominated by the Civic Solidarity Party. This leading candidate was noted changed after the CEC’s decision.


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