Azerbaijani CEC concludes parliamentary election, announces list of elected MPs

Baku: The Central Election Commission (CEC) has adopted a decision on the approval of the protocol on the overall results of the election for the 5th convocation of the Azerbaijani Parliament and on the presentation of the election results to the Constitutional Court.

CEC Chairman Mazahir Panahov said according to the Election Code, a maximum of 20 days after the election, the CEC is due to finish the process of checking and concluding the election results.

The process came to an end today. Over the past period, the CEC has considered complaints and made decisions. Excluding Aghdash constituency No 9, no serious offences likely to affect the election results were detected in constituencies. There have been no decisions which might change the status of the leading candidates ranked based on the initial election results. The CEC only annulled the results at 17 of the 40 constituencies in Aghdash Constituency and has decided to annul the election results in this constituency.

According to the results, Chingiz Asadullayev, a neutral MP from the 4th convocation, has been the leading candidate in Aghdash Constituency.

According to the final protocol, the CEC has listed elected MPs on constituencies as follows:

Sharur – Sadarak Constituency No 1 – Vasif Talibov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sharur Constituency No 2 – Isa Habibbeyli (New Azerbaijan Party)

Babek-Kangarli-Nakhchivan Constituency No 3 – Sattar Mehbaliyev (independent)

Nakhchivan city Constituency No 4 – Eldar Ibrahimov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shahbuz-Babek Constituency No 5 – Siyavush Novruzov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Julfa-Babek Constituency No 6 – Ulviyye Hamzayeva (New Azerbaijan Party)

Ordubad-Julfa Constituency No 7 – Gudrat Hasanguliyev (Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party)

Binagadi first Constituency No 8 – Azay Guliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Binagadi second Constituency No 9 – Kemaleddin Gafarov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Binagadi third Constituency No 10 – Madar Musayev

Garabagh Constituency No 11 – Aydin Huseynov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Garadagh-Binagadi-Yasamal Constituency No 12 – Mikhail Zabelin (New Azerbaijan Party)

Khazar-Pirallahi Constituency No 13 – Rauf Aliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Khazar Constituency No 14 – Mehriban Aliyeva (New Azerbaijan Party)

Yasamal first Constituency No 15 – Ulvi Guliyev (independent)

Yasamal second Constituency No 16 – Aytan Mustafayeva (independent)

Yasamal third Constituency No 17 – Elshad Hasanov (independent)

Narimanov-Nizami Constituency No 18 – Rasim Musabeyov (independent)

Narimanov first Constituency No 19 – Hikmet Mammadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Narimanov second Constituency No 20 – Adil Aliyev (independent)

Nasimi first Constituency No 21 – Melahet Ibrahimgizi (New Azerbaijan Party)

Nasimi second Constituency No 22 – Asim Mollazade (Azerbaijan Democratic Reforms Party)

Nasimi-Sabail Constituency No 23 – Ziyad Samedzade (independent)

Nizami first Constituency No 24 – Rovnag Abdullayev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Nizami second Constituency No 25 – Sadagat Veliyeva (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sabunchu first Constituency No 26 – Fazil Musatafa (Great Establishment Party)

Sabunchu second Constituency No 27 – Dilara Jabrayilova (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sabunchu third Constituency No 28 – Eldar Guliyev (independent)

Sabail Constituency No 29 – Shamseddin Hajiyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Surakhani first Constituency No 30 – Sevinj Fataliyeva (New Azerbaijan Party)

Surakhani second Constituency No 31 – Faraj Guliyev (National Revival Movement Party)

Surakhani third Constituency No 32 – Aghajan Abiyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Khatai first Constituency No 33 – Husseyinbala Miralamov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Khatai second Constituency No 34 – Fuad Muradov (independent)

Khatai third Constituency No 35 – Araz Alizade (Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party)

Khatai fourth Constituency No 36 – Samad Seyidov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Nizami first (Ganja) Constituency No 37 – Pervin Karimzade (New Azerbaijan Party)

Nizami second Constituency No 38 – Nagif Hamzayev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Kapaz first (Ganja) Constituency No 39 – Khanlar Fatiyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Kapaz second Constituency No 40 – Musa Guliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sumgayit first Constituency No 41 – Mirzajan Khalilov (independent – New Azerbaijan Party)

Sumgayit second Constituency No 42 – Tahir Mirkishili (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sumgayit third Constituency No 43 – Mukhtar Babayev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sumgayit-Khizi Constituency No 44 – Haji Salayev (independent)

Absheron Constituency No 45 – Ogtay Asadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shirvan Constituency No 46 – Rafael Jabrayilov (independent)

Mingachevir Constituency No 47 – Aydin Mirzazade (New Azerbaijan Party)

Yevlakh Constituency No 48 – Ilham Mammadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Yevlakh-Mingachevir Constituency No 49 – Ali Huseynli (New Azerbaijan Party)

Absheron-Gobustan Constituency No 50 – Zeyneb Khanlarova (independent)

Gusar Constituency No 51 – Azer Badamov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Guba Constituency No 52 – Vahid Ahmedov (independent)

Guba-Gusar Constituency No 53 – Yevda Abramova (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shabran-Siyazan Constituency No 54 – Tahir Suleymanov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Khachmaz city Constituency No 55 – Eldeniz Salimov (NEW AZERBAIJAN PARTY)

Khachmaz village Constituency No 56 – Ilham Aliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Kurdamir Constituency No 57 – Muslum Mammadov (independent)

Hajigabul-Kurdamir Constituency No 58 – Rafael Huseynov (Civil Solidarity Party)

Salyan Constituency No 59 – Aliagha Huseynov (independent)

Salyan-Neftchala Constituency No 60 – Fazail Aghamali (Ana Vatan Party)

Neftchala Constituency No 61 – Arif Rahimzade (New Azerbaijan Party)

Saatli Constituency No 62 – Aflatun Amashov (independent)

Sabirabad first Constituency No 63 – Elchin Guliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Sabirabad second Constituency No 64 – Rustam Khalilov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Saatli-Sabirabad-Kurdamir Constituency No 65 – Ahliman Amiraslanov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Bilasuvar Constituency No 66 – Khanhuseyn Kazimli (Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party)

Jalilabad city Constituency No 67 – Malik Hasanov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Jalilabad village Constituency No 68 – Mirkazim Kazimov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Jalilabad-Masalli-Bilasuvar Constituency No 69 – Fazail Ibrahimli (Civil Solidarity Party)

Masalli city Constituency No 70 – Nariman Aliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Masalli village Constituency No 71 – Elmira Akhundova (independent)

Yardimli-Masalli Constituency No 72 – Musa Gasimli (independent)

Lankaran city Constituency No 73 – Rufat Guliyev (independent)

Lankaran village Constituency No 74 – Hadi Rajabli (New Azerbaijan Party)

Lankaran-Masalli Constituency No 75 – Javanshir Pashazade (New Azerbaijan Party)

Lankaran-Astara Constituency No 76 – Ziyafat Asgarov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Astara Constituency No 77 – Rashad Mahmudov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Lerik Constituency No 78 – Igbal Mammadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Imishli Constituency No 79 – Asabil Gasimov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Imishli-Beylagan Constituency No 80 – Chingiz Ganizade (independent)

Beylagan Constituency No 81 – Shahin Ismayilov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Aghjabadi Constituency No 82 – Tahir Rzayev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Aghjabadi-Fuzuli Constituency No 83 – Agil Abbas (independent)

Fuzuli Constituency No 84 – Bahar Muradova (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shamakhi Constituency No 85 – Elkhan Suleymanov (independent)

Ismayilli Constituency No 86 – Novruzali Aslanov (independent)

Aghsu-Ismayilli Constituency No 87 – Tahir Karimli (Vahdat (Unity) Party)

Goychay Constituency No 88 – Sabir Hajiyev (Civic Unity Party)

Goychay-Aghdash Constituency No 89 – Elman Nasirov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Ujar Constituency No 91 – Vusal Huseynov

Zardab-Ujar Constituency No 92 – Jale Aliyeva (independent)

Barda city Constituency No 93 – Govhar Bakhshaliyeva (independent)

Barda village Constituency No 94 – Zahid Oruj (independent)

Tartar Constituency No 95 – Sahib Aliyev (independent)

Goranboy-Naftalan Constituency No 96 – Mahir Aslanov (independent)

Goranboy-Aghdam-Tartar Constituency No 97 – Aghalar Valiyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shamkir city Constituency No 98 – Sahiba Gafarova (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shamkir village Constituency No 99 – Sona Aliyeva (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shamkir-Dashkasan Constituency No 100 – Kamran Bayramov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Goygol-Dashkasan Constituency No 101 – Rovshan Alasgarov (independent)

Samukh-Shamkir Constituency No 102 – Valeh Alasgarov (independent)

Gadabay Constituency No 103 – Sevinj Huseynova (New Azerbaijan Party)

Gadabay-Tovuz Constituency No 104 – Rafig Mammadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Tovuz Constituency No 105 – Ganira Pashayeva (independent)

Tovuz-Gazakh-Aghstafa Constituency No 106 – Ulviyya Aghayeva (independent)

Gazakh Constituency No 107 – Kamran Nabizadeh (independent)

Aghstafa Constituency No 108 – Nizami Jafarov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Balakan Constituency No 109 – Nasib Mahamaliyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Zagatala Constituency No 110 – Elshan Musayev (Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party)

Zagatala-Balakan Constituency No 111 – Kamila Aliyeva (New Azerbaijan Party)

Gakh Constituency No 112 – Azer Karimli (independent)

Shaki city Constituency No 113 – Yagub Mammadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shaki village first Constituency No 114 – Ali Masimli (independent)

Shaki village second Constituency No 115 – Javanshir Feyziyev (independent)

Gabala Constituency No 116 – Fattah Heydarov (independent)

Oghuz-Gabala Constituency No 117 – Agiya Nakhchivanli (New Azerbaijan Party)

Aghdam city Constituency No 118 – Bakhtiyar Aliyev (independent)

Aghdam village Constituency No 119 – Bakhtiyar Sadigov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Jabrayil-Gubadli Constituency No 120 – Astan Shahverdiyev (New Azerbaijan Party)

Lachin Constituency No 121 – Mahir Abbaszade (New Azerbaijan Party)

Khankandi Constituency No 122 – Flora Gasimova (independent)

Kalbajar Constituency No 123 – Javid Gurbanov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Shusha-Aghdam-Khojaly-Khojavand Constituency No 124 – Elman Mammadov (New Azerbaijan Party)

Zangilan-Gubadli Constituency No 125 – Imamverdi Ismayilov (New Azerbaijan Party)

The voter turnout at the parliamentary election hit 55.5 percent, according to the final protocol.

The CEC decided to annul the results of the election for 17 polling stations on Aghdash election constituency No.90, as well as for some polling stations on Garadagh-Binagadi-Yasamal Constituency No.12, Yasamal first Constituency No.15, Khatai third Constituency No.35, Guba-Gusar Constituency No.53, Aghjabadi Constituency No.82, Aghjabadi-Fuzuli Constituency No.83, Shamakhi Constituency No.85, Lachin Constituency No.121, as they were in question. Except Aghdash Constituency No.90, the annulment of the results for these polling stations didn’t affect the final results for the constituencies. The results of the election were annulled in a total of 58 polling stations. Except for Akif Gurbanov, other members of the CEC signed the final protocol.

According to Azerbaijan’s Election Code, the Central Election Commission shall submit protocols of Constituency Election Commissions, as well as documents attached to the protocols to the Constitutional Court within 24 hours. Within 10 days of receiving the aforementioned documents, the Constitutional Court shall involve relevant specialists to check the documents meet the requirements of this Code. The Constitutional Court may, upon its own decision, prolong the period if the checking process if so required.


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