Azerbaijani CEC annuls election results for one constituency

Baku: Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) on Tuesday considered appeals over the November 1 parliamentary election.

Ilgar Valiyev, had been candidate nominated from the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) from Aghdash election constituency No.90 and whose candidacy was registered, and Galib Garayev, another MP candidacy also registered at the same constituency, have appealed to Aghdash constituency for the nullification of the election results.

CEC member Ramiz Ibrahimov said the complainers note serious flaws at this constituency on the election day.

“A number of polling stations for this constituency are situated in municipal buildings. The complainers say some municipality chairmen and executive officials have intervened in the election process. We have reviewed the protocol. The number of the votes was changed later at station No.3. The balance is also broken in the screening of the votes at station 5. At station No.7, the number of voters differs from the number of ballots. Such irregularities were also recorded at stations No.12 and 9. Totally, regularities were detected at 17 polling stations,” he noted.

In view of the appeals, the CEC decided to annul the results of the election for Aghdash election constituency No.90.

The leader candidate in Aghdash election constituency No.90 is neutralist, member of the Azerbaijani Parliament’s fourth convocation Chingiz Asadullayev.


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