Azerbaijani Army strengthened with modern weapons

By: Sara Rajabova

The upper echelons of Azerbaijan’s army have modernized it in several stages, which is realized in line with the instructions of the president of the country to strengthen the capabilities of the armed forces.

The news was announced by Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman Vagif Dargahli while commenting on Russian media reports saying Azerbaijan has bought 100 T-90S tanks from Russia.

He said Azerbaijani Armed Forces are provided with modern weaponry in collaboration with the most favorable (in terms of the combination of quantity, quality and price) and trusted partners. These all allow to meet the highest requirements in terms of strengthening the military-technical base and social conditions of the army.

Earlier Russian media reported that Russia has completed the first stage of delivering 100 T-90S tanks to Azerbaijan. They also reported that the second stage will be completed soon.

Also, Russia will deliver another batch of TOS-1A “Solntsepyok” heavy flamethrowers to Azerbaijan in the near future, Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) Concern of Russia told Azerbaijani media.

The next batch includes 6 vehicles. The vehicles will be handed over to the Azerbaijani side after being tested by UVZ specialists in Azerbaijan.

UVZ said 18 TOS-1A “Solntsepyok” heavy flamethrowers will be delivered to Azerbaijan according to the contract signed between two sides. The first batch of 6 vehicles was delivered to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry last year. Those vehicles were put on display in the military parade held in Baku in June.

Firing range of TOS-1A system on T-90 chassis is more than 7 km and the destruction area of one rocket is 2.5 ha. This system allows destroying open and closed fire points of the enemy in especially mountainous areas. Its high pressure and fire (when used) split rocks and causes stone streams in mountains.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Industry Ministry officials said earlier Russia is the largest main military-technical partner of Azerbaijan, followed by Turkey and the South African Republic.

Azerbaijan recently reinforced its armed forces with domestically produced military equipment. The Azerbaijani Army also increased its military capabilities with the weaponry bought from other countries.

At the beginning of this year, Azerbaijan bought 24 Russian-made Mi-35M attack helicopters, ordered in September 2010. The country also purchased several Mi-35M simulators for training pilots.

Azerbaijan is strengthening its military power and defense capabilities on a yearly basis. The establishment of the Ministry of Defense Industry has been very effective in strengthening the defense capabilities of the country.

The defense products output in Azerbaijan surged by more than eight-fold during 2005-2013. The country’s defense industry ministry has started mass production of a variety of munitions in recent years.

The ministry produced some 121.2 million manats worth of defense-purpose products and delivered them to customers in 2013. It exported some 96 million manats worth of products in the mentioned period. In 2013, Azerbaijan increased its defense production by 3.7 percent compared to 2012.

As of today, the number of reclaimed defense products exceeds 900 units. Also, Azerbaijan has prepared a long-term plan for its defense industry in 2014. The ministry plans to produce mortar guns of various calibers, tracks for armored vehicles, prismatic binoculars, minesweepers, patrol vehicles and other goods this year.

The Defense Industry Ministry is closely cooperating with more than 60 companies from various countries. Also, the country’s defense industry products are put on display at various exhibitions and attract significant attention.


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