Azerbaijan witnessing to significant growth of foreign investments

By: Nazrin Gadimova

The total volume of foreign investments in Azerbaijan’s fixed capital amounted to 1.44 billion manat in January-April 2014 which is 22.26 percent more than the same period back in 2013, the Azerbaijani State Statistical Committee said on May 17.

Some 85.4 percent (1.231.9 billion manat) of foreign investments in Azerbaijan’s fixed capital in January-April 2014, fell to investors from Great Britain, the US, Norway, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Japan and France, according to the report.

Great Britain continues to hold a leading position. Its specific weight in the total volume of foreign investments in Azerbaijan amounted to 29.1 percent in the mentioned period while its investments amounted to 420.1 million manat.

During the reporting period, the US investments in the Azerbaijani economy amounted to 162.11 million manat (with specific weight of 11.2 percent) Norway – 246.22 million manat (17.1 percent), Turkey – 144.91 million manat (10.1 percent), France – 88.39 million manat (6.1 percent), France – 81.25 million manat (5.6 percent) and the Czech Republic – 88.91 million manat (6.2 percent).

The largest volume of investments among international financial institutions was made by the World Bank (WB) – 23.53 million manat (with specific weight of 1.6 percent).

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) allocated some 17.9 million manat (1.2 percent) for the implementation of projects in Azerbaijan in January-April.


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