Azerbaijan will further prevent manifestations of radicalism – parliament vice-speaker

Baku: Unfortunately, some states, organizations are envious of tolerance, current socio-political stability in Azerbaijan, the first vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Ziyafat Asgarov said on Wednesday.

He made the remarks commenting on actions recently taken by some religious radical groups.

Asgarov said that Azerbaijan is a tolerant country where various religious conventions are operating.

“We are against religious radicalism in any case. There are rooted religious traditions in Azerbaijan and believers are committed to these traditions in the country. Those taking radical steps under the guise of religion will be punished accordingly. Azerbaijan will not allow any country to violate its social and political stability. I regret that some goes abroad to allegedly get a religious education. Indeed they are taught everything there under the guise of religion. Therefore, there are some manifestations of radicalism in the society. And this causes to people’s concerns. In my opinion, there is no ground for concern. Such cases have been prevented so far and will be further prevented,” he noted.

Asgarov said that though the government is apart from the religion, each Azerbaijani citizen possesses rights which are preserved by the Constitution. “The human rights need to be respected by people”, he added.


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