Azerbaijan, Togo initial customs agreement

By: Nazrin Gadimova

Azerbaijan and Togolese Republic have initialed an agreement “On mutual assistance to strengthen the capacity of customs officers”, Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee (SCC) said on May 13.

The agreement was signed following the meeting of Azerbaijan’s SCC Head Aydin Aliyev with the delegation led by the Togolese Commissioner for Customs and Related Taxes Kodjo Aledze.

Addressing the event, Aliyev said the department is ready to provide any necessary assistance to the African counterparts. He also proposed Togo to explore the experience of Azerbaijan in the field of search and discovery of drugs.

Following the meeting, the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan donated laptops and tablets to African colleagues, as well as dogs trained to search for drugs.

The diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 2010. The sides cooperate mainly within the framework of the UN and other international organizations.


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