Azerbaijan to tighten penalties for violent capture of power and armed rebellion

Baku: The penalties for violent capture of power and armed rebellion will be tightened in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Parliament told APA that the Azerbaijani President has proposed an amendment to articles #278 and 280 of the Criminal Code in this regard.

The amendment to articles #278 envisages that the actions directed on violent capture of power or violent deduction of power in infringement of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, as well as directed on violent change of constitutional grounds of the states will be punished by imprisonment for the term from 12 up to 20 years.

According to the amendment to article # 280, organization of armed rebellion or active participation in it with a view of violent change of constitutional power of the Azerbaijan Republic or infringement of territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan Republic will be also punished in the same way.

Currently, the penalty for both articles is from 10 up to 15 year imprisonment.


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