Azerbaijan to extend term of imprisonment for war crimes up to 12-20 years

Baku: The penalties for war crimes are tightened in Azerbaijan.

The Parliament told APA that Azerbaijani President proposed amendments to the Articles #100.2 and #117.2 of the Criminal Code.

According to the amendment made to the Article #100.2, conducting of aggressive war shall be punished by imprisonment for the term from 12 up to 20 years imprisonment.

The same penalty is proposed to be imposed on the Article #117.2 (The announcement in fighting zones about intention to not release anybody alive or give to subordinates obviously criminal orders or orders directed on it, or directed on commitment of crimes provided by articles #115 (Infringement of laws and customs of war) and #116 (Infringement of norms of the international humanitarian right during confrontations) the present Code.

Currently the valid penalty for the crimes is from 10 years up to 15 years.

The draft law was recommended to the parliament’s plenary meeting.


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