Azerbaijan to create E-base of real estate by 2019

By: Nigar Orujova

Work on creation of an electronic inventory database of real estate throughout Azerbaijan will be completed by 2019, Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Property Affairs Rafig Jalilov said.

The e-database of cadastral data on real estate in Baku and Sumgayit has already been created, he said, adding that by mid-2016, these works will be completed in Ganja and Sheki as well.

“So far, there was no accurate accounting of the land in the country, which is very important. For effective management of the lands, it should be known where and how many of lands are there and what category they belong to.

“Currently, due to the support to the development of economy’s non-oil sector, control over use of lands has been increased, and therefore amendments have been made both in the Administrative Procedure and the Penal Code,” said Jalilov.

The Board of Directors of the World Bank has approved a loan worth $30 million to Azerbaijan for the project “Cadastre and registration of real estate” in March 2007. The Azerbaijani government has allocated $8 million for the project.

The purpose is aimed at providing reliable, transparent and efficient system of registration of real estate. This project consists of four components: registration of real estate, which will provide more efficient services to clients in the registration of property rights and the use of automated systems and online services; improvement in the management of state property; usage of geodetic innovations; conducting of trainings.

Earlier, the government voiced plans to improve the real estate management to ensure efficiency and transparency in the property system.

The country will introduce the information and communication technologies, advanced management mechanisms, modern regulatory framework and simplified procedures.

In addition, Azerbaijan has recently begun to use the principle of single window in the registration of property, including land, as well as in the technical inventory of real estate and the preparation of technical documents. Registration through the single window is possible via three online services, one SMS- and 31 e-services.


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