Azerbaijan to blacklist German journalist for illegal visit to occupied Azerbaijani territory

Baku: The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has reacted to an article published in the Die Welt newspaper on the results of an illegal visit by German journalist Von Elian Ehrenreich.

Foregin Ministry spokesperson Hikmet Hajiyev told APA that as can be seen from the article, the visit has been arranged and financed by a tourism company named “Gebeco”.

“It’s impossible to expect any professional and unbiased journalist conclusion from this ordered visit. Beyond the ethics of media, the journalist has under Armenian influence promoted the illegal regime created as a result of the invasion, aggression, and ethnic cleansing carried out against Azerbaijan. A journalist serving unbiased media principles should have expressed the stance of Azerbaijan – a country having suffered from invasion – and the Azerbaijani IDPs who expelled from Shusha and Khankendi, the two cities the journalist has written about.

According to Hajiyev, the journalist’s attempt to add religious hues to the conflict under the influence of Armenian propaganda is not worthy of even any criticism. “Armenia, which is deprived of political and legal grounds in the conflict, now strives to “justify” its occupation and aggression under the guise of religion. All know that the conflict is caused by Armenia’s territorial claims, occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s multicultural traditions, the care shown to Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish religious communities, as well as our strategic partnership with Georgia which is based on the centuries-old friendship between the two peoples are of an exemplary character. The journalist will be included to list of “persona non grata”. The Azerbaijani Embassy in Germany will deliver our concerns to “Die Welt”, and accordingly, the illegal visits of “Gebeco” Company to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan will be investigated”, said the spokesperson.


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