Azerbaijan tightens rules on protection of state secret

Baku: Azerbaijan changes rules and tightens terms regarding protection of state secret, access to get familiarization with special information.

According to Security and Defense Committee of the Parliament, Azerbaijani President proposes amendments and annexes to the articles #21.5 and 23 of the law on “State Secret”.

According to the new draft, the item “Examination actions on admission of official and citizen to work with specially important, very confidential and confidential information are carried out in prosecuting agencies by Prosecutor General’s Office, and in other authorities, organizations and institutions by relevant structures. Volume and rule of examination actions are developed by the bodies holding examination actions and confirmed through agreeing with the relevant executive authority.” is annexed to the article #21.5.

The article #23 is changed to “Grounds to deny admission of official or citizen to work with secret work are:

– consideration of incapable or restrictedly capable by a court

– accusation of crimes against grounds of the Constitutional structure and security of the Republic of Azerbaijan and, involvement into investigation or suit because of other grave and especially grave crimes, imprisoned for such crimes

– diseases excluding work with information forming state secret according to the list determined by relevant executive authority

– permanently living in the foreign country

– Applying to relevant executive authority for renouncing citizenship of Azerbaijan Republic

– disclosure during examination actions of acts of person to be admitted to secret work causing danger for security of the Republic of Azerbaijan

– reject of examination actions or purposefully giving false form information”.

Current version of the article – “Rights of official or citizen admitted or admitted before to secret work may be temporarily limited. Limits may cover the following:

– right to permanently live in foreign country during the term determined in the labour contract;

– right to distribute information forming state secret and use inventions and discoveries reflecting such information”.

The draft was recommended to the plenary meeting of the parliament and will be discussed on May 30.


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