Azerbaijan simplifies mobile access to e-services

By: Nigar Orujova

Information Computer Center has launched a new platform of mobile authentication at the portal Electronic Government.

The Center under the Communications and High Technologies Ministry reported that e-Gov mobile identification tool – E-gov identity recognizes citizen’s PIN on mobile phone number for access to the system.

The platform e-Gov identity, that is tied to the phone number, is a login and password or e-signature used to access the portal of e-government.

It was originally planned to create only a handle for access to e-services and different payment resources such as or ASAN Pay. Then it was decided to supplement e-Gov Identity with a function of the e-signature, which made the platform of mobile identification even more functional. Thus, the possibility to sign electronic documents was also created.

The new platform does not require a card reader. Its use does not require replacement of SIM-card either. It is enough to register on the portal, get a login and password, or use an existing e-signature.

Activation is carried out by SMS, after which the user will get a special identification number, which can be changed further.

The users will also be provided with a service that allows secure access to various e-services and to carry out operations on the signing of e-documents.

A new certification center will be able to serve the platform of mobile identification e-Gov identity.

The e-government portal is a key tool for supporting work with citizens and enterprises in the public and private sectors. It aims to reduce the number of documents requested from citizens, as different bodies will interact with each other electronically.

The e-portal connects utilities and communications companies, operators of fixed and mobile communication.

Launched in 2013, currently, the portal offers about 400 e-services through 45 government agencies. Over one million citizens are active users of e-services of the state agencies.

Earlier, the portal has also become available in mobile phones, which is very usable in the country where mobile phone penetration stands at 112 percent.


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