Azerbaijan secondary schools to be provided with training weapons and shooting equipments

Baku: “Azerbaijan is planning to provide secondary schools with training weapons and shooting equipments”, Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov told APA.

Yaver Jamalov said they are currently conducting negotiations on this issue with the Ministry of Education and the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription and underlined that the Ministry of Defense Industry is capable of meeting these demands.

“Last year, we gave the Defense Ministry the equipments that we manufactured. For this year, we have an agreement of AZN 1,170,000 with the Defense Ministry”, the Minister stressed.

He said the equipments that the Ministry of Defense Industry manufactures also include various training products.

According to the Minister, the air bomb invented and produced by the Ministry of Defense Industry differs from those made abroad for its higher quality and possibility of being used for several times.

The Ministry also produces some dummy cartridges, equipments useful for different weapons that the army needs.


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