Azerbaijan redrawing Europe’s energy map – President Aliyev

Baku: Azerbaijan continues systemic reforms and efforts against corruption and bribery in terms of its further development, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

President Aliyev made the remarks at the first session of Azerbaijan’s Parliament of the fifth convocation on Nov.24.

The head of state stressed the importance of the development of non-oil sector and implementation of infrastructure and social projects in the country’s regions.

President Aliyev said that Azerbaijan is redrawing the energy map of Europe.

“The implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor project would expand the opportunities of Azerbaijan and increase Azerbaijan’s influence on the processes taking place in the region and continent. Azerbaijan also plays an important role in the establishment of the East-West transport corridor. No outside force can affect our policy, Azerbaijani realities are the best answer to the dirty campaign against our country,” he added.

The head of state said that the situation in the world and the balance of forces are changing. “However, the security is ensured in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is able to protect itself from any outside interference. Azerbaijan is moving forward on the path of independence,” he completed.


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