Azerbaijan marks National Revival Day

Baku: The National Revival Day is marked in Azerbaijan today.

Hundreds of thousands Azerbaijanis gathered in Azadlig (Liberty) Square in Baku on November 17, 1988 protesting the double-standard policy of Moscow toward Azerbaijan.

Armenia’s territorial claim against Azerbaijan, separatist actions of Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh and expelling of hundreds of thousands Azerbaijanis from their homelands laid foundation of the Square Movement. The people took initiative to prevent these problems arisen from the non-persistent policy of Moscow and local authorities and gathered in the central square of Baku on November 17, 1988 and began the mass protest action. It was the largest protest action in former USSR. Millions of people joined the protest action, which lasted for 17 days. Most of local and foreign researchers studying the collapse of USSR said that the Square Movement of Azerbaijan played important role in this process. It was beginning of national freedom movement and first phase of Azerbaijan’s independence.

The National Revival Day is celebrated in a state level, but according to amendments to the national legislation made in 2006 it is working day in Azerbaijan.

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