Azerbaijan makes amendments to laws on “State Secret” and “Intelligence and Counterintelligence Activities”

Baku: The Security and Defense Committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament has today held a meeting.

The Parliament told APA that First Vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Chairman of the Committee Ziyafat Asgarov said that the agenda of the meeting includes amendments to the Laws on “State Secret” and “Intelligence and Counterintelligence Activities”.

Asgarov mentioned that the proposed amendments to the Law on “State Secret” are related to protection of state secret and specification of categories of the persons allowed to work with state secret.

The Chairman of the Committee noted that these amendments are significant in terms of further improvement of responsibilities of the persons allowed to work with state secret.

Speaking about the second issue included in the agenda, Asgarov said that the amendments to be made to the Law on “Intelligence and Counterintelligence Activities” are in the same content and aimed to be conformed to the Law on “State Secret”.

Both issues were recommended to the plenary meeting of the Parliament.


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