Azerbaijan interested in modern Russian-produced Bal-E coastal missile system

Moscow: The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry is interested in modern Russian-produced “Bal-E” coastal missile system.

APA reports quoting Kommersant that Boris Obnosov, the General Director of “Tactical Missile Cooperation”, the producer of the above-mentioned complexes, said that “Bal-E” complex was presented at KADEX 2014 expo in Astana.

Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation has received an order regarding the complex.

“Bal-E” is an export version of Russian “Bal” coastal missile complex since 2008. The complex is used in protection of territorial waters, bases and coastal infrastructure facilities.

“Azerbaijan was interested in Bastion missile complex equipped with Yakhont anti-ship missile before. However, the agreement failed to be realized due to the lack of Moscow’s consent. Now the situation is different. As “Bal-E” complex is intended for protection of coastal zone, it will not cause Armenia’s dissatisfaction which has no access to the Caspian Sea”, “Kommersant” reported.


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