Azerbaijan increases term of punishment for deliberate murder to maximum

Baku: Azerbaijan tightens all punishments for deliberate murder, increases punishment terms to the maximum.

Azerbaijani Parliament told APA that Azerbaijani President offers amendments to the articles # 120.1 and 120.2 of the Criminal Code.

According to amendment to the article # 120.1, the deliberate murder – that’s a deliberate deprivation of life of other person will be punished by imprisonment for the term from nine up to fourteen years. This punishment is current for the term from seven up to twelve years.

The imprisonment for cases on the article # 120.2 is for the term from 14 up to 20 years.

This article includes:

Deliberate murder:

– committed by group of persons, on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, by organized group or criminal community (organization);

– committed from hooligan prompting;

– of victims or his close relatives in connection with implementation of a given person of service activity or performance of public debt;

– committed with special cruelty or in publicly dangers way;

– committed on mercenary prompting or by order, as well as with a view of use a body of a victim;

– with the purpose to hide other crime or to facilitate its commitment, as well as connected with rape or other violent actions of sexual nature;

– of two or more persons;

– of women, which was obviously for guilty pregnant;

– persons, obviously for guilty in a helpless condition, as well as connected to kidnapping a person or capture of hostage;

– committed repeatedly;

– connected to robbery, extortion, terrorism or gangsters;

– on motive of national, racial, religious hatred or enmity –

Current term of punishment for these articles is from 12 up to 15 years.


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