Azerbaijan appeals to Russia over violence committed against Azerbaijanis in St. Petersburg

Baku: Azerbaijan’s Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov has appealed to Russian counterpart Yury Chaika over the acts of violence committed by a police officer in the city of St. Petersburg in July 2015 against entrepreneur Irada Rajabaliyeva, a Russian citizen of Azerbaijani origin, and her underage children.

In his appeal, Zakir Garalov strongly condemned the illegal actions committed against the Azerbaijani family, noting that the police officer’s acts of violence caused resonance among the public, the Azerbaijani Persecutor General’s Office told APA on Nov.5.

The Azerbaijani prosecutor general also expressed confidence that the police officer’s illegal actions will be investigated objectively and fairly in accordance with the criminal procedural legislation and international law, and then in the short run the crime will be given a legal assessment.


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