Auto sales up 34 percent in first 10 months

Vehicle sales climbed 34.7 percent during the first 10 months of this year, according to a statement from the Automotive Distributorsand’ Association (ODD) on Tuesday.
Sales of automobiles increased by 31.4 percent while light commercial vehicle sales surged by 45.6 percent during the first 10 months of the year. Sales slightly declined in October year-on-year, dropping from 66,573 to 64,255 units sold, including both automobiles and light commercial vehicles. A total of 727,243 of both types of vehicle were sold between the start of January and the end of October 2015, compared with 540,071 over the same period last year.
Sedans were the most commonly sold among passenger vehicles in Turkey, with a relatively smaller number of SUVs being sold. (around 14 percent of all non-commercial vehicles sold). Vans, small trucks and mini-busses were the most commonly sold light commercial vehicles. Sales this year will likely outpace last yearand’s figures, which reached 768,000. Last yearand’s sales marked a 10 percent decline from 2013. However, industry figures warned last month that they anticipate a st after winning 11.94 percent of the vote in the Nov. 1 election, losing 40 seats after winning 80 seats in the June general election and receiving around 16 percent of the vote.
After the election on Sunday, the MHP has begun questioning the factors that contributed to its heavy defeat by holding a series of meetings attended by the partyand’s top officials.
According to SandOzcandu, opponent MHP delegates are planning to get the signatures of at least 249 out of 1,200 delegates to gather an early party congress according to its bylaws. SandOzcandu also noted possible contenders against Bahandceli in an extraordinary congress may be party figures such as Akiener, former Iidir deputy Sinan Oian, MHP founder Alparslan Turkeiand’s close friend and former party secretary Dr. Selim Kaptanoilu and former MHP Eskiiehir deputy Gandun Sazakand’s son Sanduleyman Servet Sazak. The former head of the MHPand’s izmir party branch, Mandusavat Derviioilu, who also ran against Bahandceli at the 2012 MHP party congress, may also run for chairperson.
However, SandOzcandu further claimed the opponents in MHP want Akiener, who has not replied to any calls on her mobile phone since Bahandceli excluded her from candidacy lists, to be the single candidate running against Bahandceli. In order to convince Akiener, opponents even requested Tansu andciller, former prime minister and chairwoman of the True Path Party (DYP), to talk to her to be a candidate, SandOzcandu reported.
After receiving pressure from the opponent members of the MHP and people at the grassroots of the party, Akiener reportedly said she will decide whether she will be a candidate in an extraordinary MHP congress until this weekend, SandOzcandu report stated.
According to the report, once Akiener announces her candidacy, all other prominent names who might stand against Bahandceli as candidates will stand down in support of Akiener.
The MHP is expected to hold an ordinary congress in March 2016. However, the party might decide to postpone the congress until March 2017. In the previous ordinary congress held on March 21, Bahandceli was re-elected as chairman of the party after receiving votes from 1,149 of 1,160 party delegates.


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