At least 1,134 women in Turkey murdered by men in last 5 years

The website records the location of the murders and offers visitors the ability to consult a map of Turkey and see information about the victim’s name, age, the perpetrator’s relation to the victim, the date of the murder and the recorded reason for the murder. Some of the justifications for why the victims were murdered are as arbitrary as “She dyed her hair red,” “She bought a new dress” and “She did not make meatballs and potatoes.” More common justifications listed are for “honor,” because the man was rejected in his efforts to reconcile with a woman or suspicions of infidelity. Visitors can click on each incident and see a brief explanation of the incident and the source of the information.

Over half of the perpetrators — 53.6 percent — are husbands and ex-husbands of the victim, followed by male relatives such as fathers or brothers with 18.8 percent and by boyfriends and ex-boyfriends at 14.2 percent. Only 13.4 percent are listed in the “other” category, showing that an overwhelming majority of the women were killed by the men they are closest to. The graphics provided on the site reveal that women aged 26 to 40 are the most targeted.

The website explains that the project was launched as a media watchdog recording the murder of women due to the difficulty of obtaining statistics from the Turkish government. It states that the project organizers had to resort to this method due to their inability to compile conclusive results after applying for information from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, the Ministry of Justice, the National Police Department and the Gendarmerie General Command (JGK).

The project is supported by an Objective grant, a platform designed to help data journalism funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry.


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