At all costs!

At all costs!Am I against economic growth? No, I am not. Am I against development? Never! So why am I writing about the term “cruel growth” in my column, borrowed from [political scientist] AyIe KadIoIlu? It is because I think the Turkish economy did not manage to offer an alternative to “cruel growth” in the second five year period of Justice and Development Party [AK Party] rule, and this is a structural problem that needs to be debated.

Shouldn’t we care about the damage [done by the Soma disaster]? Of course we should. Shouldn’t we share the pain? Of course we should.

Shouldn’t we take measures in terms of mine safety and ending outsourcing? Yes, we must do this immediately. But we must also hold those in charge accountable, not only the executives of the company operating the mine but also the government.

The government and its media protected the company in the first three days of the disaster (EYuP CAN, RADIKAL.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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