As curfew in Silvan reaches 10th day, thousands leave tense district

As an ongoing curfew imposed on Nov. 2 is still in place, thousands of residents have started to leave the tense district of Silvan in the southeastern Diyarbakir province after the ongoing intense clashes between the Turkish security forces and the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) terrorists have turned the district into a battlefield, with many houses destroyed and eight people killed.
Gunshots can constantly be heard in Silvan due to the ongoing clashes in the city, where six civilians, a soldier and a police officer have been killed since the curfew was imposed.
In the latest fatal attack, the terrorists targeted an armored police vehicle in the district on Wednesday, killing one policeman and injuring another. The media reports say a group of terrorists attacked the vehicle along the Diyarbakir Highway with rockets.
Local residents are suffering from a lack of food and water because of the days-long curfew amid the continuing violence. Locals are concerned about their lives. In three neighborhoods — Mescit, Tekel and Konak — where the clashes intensify, the Internet and telephones are not working. There are armored police vehicles and tanks on almost every street in those neighborhoods. Thousands of people living in there have left their homes feeling that they are no longer safe.
Nearly 20,000 locals are believed to have left the district so far since late July. Most of those went to provinces such as Batman Mersin, Istanbul and izmir. However, the Dogan news agency says the number of migrated locals stands at 10,000.
Silvan Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Guarantee Cooperative President Muhittin Kan told the news agency that many people have left their homes in the last four months due to the ongoing tension and violence in the district. Kan said people do not carry their property, but that they just individually leave. He also said that more than 10,000 have left the city so far, adding that he is not sure whether those people will ever return in the future.
Pointing to the destructive consequences of the clashes, Kan said that some 100 working places have been destroyed due to the clashes in the last 10 days, adding that hundreds of houses have become unusable during the curfew.
A shop owner in Silvan, Aziz Akin, said that they have been experiencing an atmosphere of war in the last ten days: and”We are in a war. We donand’t know what is going on here. Heavy weapons are being used in three neighborhoods. Snipers are waiting on the tops of buildings. They shoot at people who go outside. I wonder how far this meaningless war will go. We wake up with the sound of weapons like a song. We go to sleep with the sound of the weapons. We cannot sleep, even in our homes. It is not certain when and where we will be killed. A resolution should be found for this.and”
The Diyarbakir Governorand’s Office released a written statement on Wednesday, stating that five PKK terrorists have been killed during the ongoing operations in Silvan. The governorand’s office stated that the Silvan District Governorand’s Office has been distributing food and bread to the residents living in the three neighborhoods where the clashes are, adding that those locals whose houses were damaged have been also provided accommodation by the district governorand’s office.
h2Police use tear gas against pro-Kurdish lawmakers in Silvanh2 Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP)o-chairwoman Figen Yanduksekdai and several other pro-Kurdish lawmakers went to Silvan to carry out examinations in the district. Hundreds of HDP supporters as well as the lawmakers gathered in front of the Silvan Municipalityand’s building on Thursday to march in the three neighborhoods that are under curfew. However, they were stopped by a police intervention. The police used tear gas and water cannons against the lawmakers and protesters. Yanduksekdai and the other deputies — idris Baluken, Handuda Kaya, Ahmet Yildirim, andcailar Demirel, Nursel Yildirim, Ertuirul Kandurkandcandu and Altan Tan — resisted the police intervention. However, the police did not allow the group to march to the three neighborhoods despite the efforts of the deputies to convince them otherwise.
Speaking to the press following the police intervention in Silvan, Yanduksekdai said, and”There is currently barbarity taking plac.and” Yanduksekdai stated that some of the lawmakers were exposed to physical violence by the police during the intervention and warns that tension is escalating in the district. She also said that the attacks are taking place not only in the three neighborhoods under curfew, but also in other parts of the district. She added that there are many locals who were injured in the attacks.
Calling the operation conducted in Silvan and”an extermination campaign,and” Yanduksekdai said that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government has lost its legitimacy due to its violent policies.
Protests were held against the curfew in Silvan in various parts of Turkey on Thursday. A group of students held a protest at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbuland’s iiili district on Thursday. The police intervened in the protest to disperse the students. A number of students were detained by the police.
The curfew in Silvan was also protested in the idil district of iirnak on Thursday. Hundreds of people, including HDP iirnak deputy Ferhat Encandu, marched and shouted slogans.
Meanwhile, a total of 16 people were detained during a protest held against the curfew in Silvan in izmir province on Thursday. Among those who were detained was HDPand’s izmir provincial head Dilek Aykan. The protesters, who gathered in the Konak district of izmir, shouted slogans such as and”Speak up for Silvanand” and and”We will not stop until the massacres are ended.and”
Diyarbakir Bar Association President Tahir Elandci, who has been in the Silvan district for several days to conduct first-hand examinations there, told the Cihan news agency on Thursday that if the clashes continue in Silvan, many civilians will be killed.
Saying that people in Silvan are living in fear, Elandci stated that the locals want this curfew to be lifted as soon as possible. and”This is what they expect from the authorities and politicians,and” Elandci said.


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