Armenian provocation intercepted during presentation of book on NK conflict

The Armenian diaspora have made a provocative attempt during the presentation in Vilnius of the book titled “The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: details and ways of solution” prepared by Lithuania’s Centre for Geopolitical Studies.

The presentation took place in Peace Memorial Complex and was joined by Director of the Centre for Geopolitical Studies Greta

Tučkutė, head of the Lithuanian parliament’s friendship group with Azerbaijan Juras Požela, Azerbaijani ambassador to Lithuania Hasan Mammadzadeh, local experts, and Azerbaijani youth and public figures, APA reported.

Tučkutė gave information about the book, saying it touches upon the roots of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Armenia’s gross violation of international law, and possible peaceful solutions to the conflict.

Ambassador Hasan Mammadzadeh, MP Požela, and others also spoke about the book and its importance.

During the presentation, an unknown person entered the hall in an attempt to cause confusion. Marat Sargsyan, an active Armenian diaspora leader, grabbed the microphone and threatened participants and organizers, condemning Lithuanian authorities for their supporting Azerbaijan regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and trying to display some video materials. Tučkutė tried to pacify him and explain to him his mistakes.

“While preparing the book we also found out that although there no Azerbaijanis left in Armenia, a significant number of Armenians still live comfortably in Azerbaijan,” she said.

Sargsyan then tried to drag Azerbaijani participants into provocation but he failed.

Note that, Note that, as part of the joint project called “Azerbaijani beyond the border…” between APA Holding and Azerbaijan’s State Committee for Work with Diaspora, meeting are being held with Azerbaijanis living abroad.


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