Antalya lawyer files criminal complaint against police officers over maltreatment

ibrahim Eren andcakiroilu, a lawyer representing two prep schools recently raided by police in Antalya, has filed a criminal complaint against the police officers over their inhumane treatment of him during the operation.
Police officers from the Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau (KOM) raided the KandOrfez and Anafen prep schools in the southern city of Antalya during class time on Tuesday, as part of government-orchestrated operation targeting the faith-based Gandulen movement.
In the complaint letter submitted to the Antalya Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office, andcakiroilu explained in detail the maltreatment he suffered, saying that police officers laid him down on the ground and handcuffed him. andcakiroilu also stated that officers stepped on his head and swore at him while handcuffing him. The lawyer demanded that the officers be tried on charges of insult, threat, deprivation of liberty and willful injury.
Speaking to Todayand’s Zaman, andcakiroilu said the ill treatment from the police officers began when he asked to see a search warrant. and”After I reminded them they failed to show any search warrant, a police chief told me andlsquoWe wonand’t show one, no matter whom you submit a complaint to. Weand’ll do what weand’re told and you canand’t stop us.and’ [The lawyers] expressed our objections to them anyway. In response, nearly 10 police officers attacked us both verbally and physically. Then, I found myself flat on the ground, with police officers stepping on my head and handcuffing me from behind,and” andcakiroilu said. He added that he was handcuffed for four hours and he also submitted a complaint to the Antalya Governorand’s Office.
The head of the Antalya Bar Association, Alper Tunga Bacanli, also sent a letter of notice to the Antalya Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office, demanding KOM launch a disciplinary proceeding against the officers involved and suspend them from duty during the proceeding. and”The latest incident constitutes a restriction of liberty, which is a crime that requires a minimum four-year [prison sentence],and” Bacanli stated in the letter. He also emphasized that lawyers are not safe from being targeted by KOM and that they are unable to practice law. Bacanli announced in the letter that the Antalya Bar Association would henceforth not appoint any lawyers to KOM.
Speaking at an induction ceremony for new lawyers in the association on Wednesday, Bacanli reminded listeners that the primary duty of the police is to ensure the security of the public. and”As a legal expert, Iand’m ashamed of these crimes [supposedly] committed for lawand’s sake,and” Bacanli said. Referring to the governor, the chief prosecutor and other administrators in Antalya, he asked: and”Will you hand this city over to the bandits or not?and”
Denizli Bar Association head Mandujdat ilhan also spoke during a similar ceremony in Denizli, saying: and”Not a day goes by without someone attempting to use the law for revenge. … The more steps [the government] takes to exclude lawyers from the judicial system, the more our country moves away from the process of democratization.and”
A number of private and preparatory schools that are sympathetic to the Gandulen movement have been targeted by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) after a major corruption scandal implicating President Erdogan and other top AK Party figures was made public on Dec. 17, 2013. Then-Prime Minister Erdogan accused the Gandulen movement of plotting to overthrow his government. The Gandulen movement — popularly known as the Hizmet movement and inspired by the teachings of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen andndash strongly denies the allegations brought against it.


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