Ankara’s gates

Ankara’s gatesSince Treasury assurances have been granted for mega-projects, I have been saying we are only constructing for the sake of construction. What does this mean? There are five gates at the five points of entry into Ankara. Just like Paris has its Arc de Triomphe and New Delhi has its India Gate. But in Paris and Delhi, there is only one of these. We have five. Same thing with clock towers in Ankara. Most cities have only one, but we have 55. The Arc de Triomphe and India Gate were erected as monuments there is history behind them. Ankara’s gates are just like the city’s clocks: They don’t have any meaning by themselves. This reminds me of how Baudrillard and Umberto Eco described hyperreality as “real without origin,” “authentic fake.” They look like they are historic, but we know they have been newly built. They have no functional value. But what about their tender value? This is what I mean by construction for the sake of construction.(GuVEN SAK, RADIKAL)

SOURCE: Todays Zaman

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