Ankara police detain 15 workers during protest in front of ministry building

ANKARA (CIHAN)- Ankara police detain 15 workers during protest in front of ministry building

Security forces detained a total of 15 workers who chained themselves to the fences of the Energy and Natural Sources Ministry building in a protest against privatization and subtraction of mines in the western town of YataIan in MuIla province.

Holding some demonstrations in KurtuluI Park for a long time, workers gathered in front of the ministry building and chained themselves to the fences. The group shouted slogans saying “Work-related death should be prevented”, “No to privatizations and subcontracting” and “YataIan will not be Soma”.
Two weeks ago, 301 miners were killed as a result of a mine explosion in Soma town due to lack of security measures and poor working conditions. The group later made an explanation saying that subcontracting, a system which recruits temporary laborers brought nothing but deaths to the workplaces. “What happened in Soma revealed dark side of privatization and subcontracting. Our struggle proven its rightfulness especially after the tragedy in Soma,” said one of the workers.

When the group began to stage a sit-in protest in the front of the building riot police intervened in the protest. Police fired water cannon and tear gas to disperse crowd. At the end of the clash police detained 15 workers and took them to police station for interrogation.


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