Anger boils over for Silvan’s displaced locals on 11th day of curfew

Dark smoke rises out of the Mescit neighborhood of Silvan on the 11th day of its curfew.
The neighborhoods of Tekel and Konak are also under the control of the special police forces.
Special forces teams have taken over the area, not allowing anyone on the streets for days on end. The frustration of the locals has reached the boiling point against the state as they hold them responsible for the chaos and endangerment.
Several schools have closed and at least five mosques have been damaged in clashes. Families are abandoning their homes with only the clothes on their back, going to stay with relatives in safer neighborhoods where the curfew has been lifted.
One mother from the Mescit neighborhood told Todayand’s Zaman that she, along with her two children, was forced to leave her home due to the ongoing conflict between the Turkish security forces and the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) terrorists. Asking to remain anonymous, she explained how in the first days of the curfew the security forces arrived at her home and ordered her to leave with her children immediately. She took her son and daughter and fled to the home of her parents. and”My life has turned into a true hell,and” she notes as she details the fright of her children amongst the sounds of explosions and gunshots.
and”My little daughter began to cry whenever she heard a gunshot, particularly in the evenings. And in the following days of the curfew, I was instructed to leave the home on the grounds that the PKK militants were inside the houses. I was not even allowed to take our clothes with me. They didnand’t tell us where we could go they just instructed me to leave. I took my children and went to my familyand’s home in the Feridon neighborhood. However, my family suffers from severe financial problems and my father is disabled, preventing him from working,and” she adds.
Her struggles are not limited to displacement she also cannot reach her husband who is currently in Istanbul seeking employment due to the growing tensions in the region in the aftermath of the June 7 election. Since the election, tension in the southeastern provinces has increased as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced an end to the Kurdish settlement process after the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) was unseated with the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) surpassing the 10 percent election threshold.
Another Mescit resident, Murat Kenan, spoke with Todayand’s Zaman on a street parallel to where the curfew is imposed, stating, and”They [the police] break the doors of our home and enter. They have no right to do that. We donand’t want a state that does this. They have ruined our homes. Everything we have they have destroyed.and” He is the father of five children who cannot attend school currently. Several schools have closed and at least five mosques have been damaged in the clashes.
Kenan explained that his family is not receiving any aid from the state, and”They donand’t give us rent money, so we are staying with family.and” His family has taken refuge at the home of his father-in-law. Kenan, like many other local residents, expresses great anger toward the state due to the worsening living conditions. and”The prime minister and the president did this to gain votes,and” he said.
h2 HDP deputies trapped in curfew zoneh2 Currently, three HDP deputies, Nursel AyDogan, Sibel Yiiitalp and Ayie Acar Baiaran, are in the blocked off area but are unable to connect with the outside world and communicate with their colleagues. The zones have been completely shut down cellphones do not receive any service and the Internet has been cut off.
HDP deputies gathered at the Silvan Municipal Office, struggling to communicate with the outside world with limited signal. At the office, Todayand’s Zaman spoke with HDP deputy Feleknas Uca, who has been in the region for last seven days.
and”They are firing at the homes, and yesterday we received news that they opened fire at a market. Seven civilians have been murdered by the special police forces and this is the 6th curfew that has been imposed.and”
An exhausted Uca further recounted her attempts with her colleagues to enter the curfew zone, stating that the security forces were targeting the politicians with sniper rifles.
and”These people have been trying to survive without electricity, water and food for 11 days now. There is no security. A few days ago, they were shooting with snipers rifles from helicopters. Three people have been injured, two children and an old man.and”
Saadet Becerekli, another deputy from the ranks of the HDP representing Batman province, told Todayand’s Zaman that they have failed to receive information from locals in the curfew zone.
and”We are not allowed to enter those places. Whenever HDP deputies, along with the people of Silvan, have tried to enter those locations, we are faced with fierce police intervention in the form of water cannons and pepper spray,and” Becekerli explained with bloodshot eyes.
When Todayand’s Zaman was covering the incidents, the sounds of successive explosions and gunshots were heard as police fired tear gas on people who were in the yard of the Silvan municipal office building. In the neighborhood streets, trenches mark the attempts of PKK militants to block off police entry.
On Thursday, a fruit market which was completely destroyed following an evening bombing attack bears witness as to how daily life for the locals has become unbearable.


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