ANAS celebrates 70th jubilee

By: Amina Nazarli

“Seek knowledge from cradle to grave,” said Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Science is the basic foundation of every society, and is essential in promoting the nation. Azerbaijan, with its major contribution to the universal science, is considered to be one of the world’s oldest scientific and cultural centers.

Scientists of the Land of Fire, with its extraordinarily old history dating back thousands of years, could create rich material and cultural heritages.

Medieval scientists from Azerbaijan had precise geographical knowledge of many countries, attaching great importance to astronomy, medicine, math and other sciences.

The founder of the world renown Maragha observatory, the true genius of the 13th century, Nasraddin Tusi, takes a worthy place among famous scientists, whose name has been written with golden letters in the history of science. His genius and creativity was not limited to Eastern civilizations, but played a significant role in the development of world science.

Further, Azerbaijan’s literature is a unique spiritual treasure-house for its people, and there is no doubt that Nizami Ganjavi, Fuzuli and Nasimi are among the greatest representatives of this literary heritage.

In fact, being the representative of a small Eastern country in the 12th century, and known as ‘The genius of Ganja’ (Ganja is the city where he was born), Nizami was to become famous across the world.

In modern Azerbaijan, the structure that helps the nation preserve these heritages and convey them to future generations is the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science.

The 70-year old ANAS is the center of the nation’s cultural and scientific education center, having a particular role in the development of the county.

The academy is a temple of science, preserving the people’s ancient and rich history.

ANAS operates six departments covering Physical-Mathematical and Technical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Humanitarian and Social sciences, and Agrarian sciences.

The main scientific institution of the republic has always developed its knowledge, staying in touch with foreign organizations and holding exchanges of view with foreign scientists on modern problems of science. National scientists hold international scientific meetings and conferences and conduct mutual expeditions and research with their foreign colleagues.

ANAS is also a member of many prestigious international scientific organizations. Its employees conduct research via leading scientific organizations in CIS countries, the U.S., Japan, Israel, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and other countries, on joint program and data exchanges.

Scientific achievements of the Academy and numerous inventions by its scientists had a decisive role in the formation of the nation.

Azerbaijani scientists’ research in chemistry and oil have gained wide fame worldwide. Thanks to these studies, it is now possible to produce high-quality fuel and gasoline for engines.

All the oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea have been discovered by Azerbaijani scientists.

Azad Mirzajanzade, one of the country’s foremost oil scientists, designed and applied the dynamic methods used to develop offshore oil fields.

Moreover, the development of producing ethanol from oil gas for the production of synthetic rubber by the scientists of the academy has provided an important stage in the development of the petrochemical industry.

Azerbaijan’s genial chemist Yusif Mammadaliyev also made great discoveries. His main scientific works were related to catalytic processing of oil and oil-well gas. He is the founder of petrochemistry in Azerbaijan.

His research in various spheres of the industry led to the synthesis of the components of aviation fuels on an industrial scale.

Azerbaijani geologists have also made important contributions to world science in the field of geology and geophysics, oil and gas development, as well as an in-depth study of the Earth’s crust structure in various tectonic zones of Azerbaijan, along with research in the development of predicting earthquakes.

This year, the academy will celebrate its 70th anniversary, which is going to be a remarkable date in the history of ANAS, which stands as a guard watching over the country’s science.

President Ilham Aliyev also pays much attention to the development of the academy throughout the country, as it implements special programs and care in the fields of science, education and culture.

Recently, the President signed an order to award honorary diplomas, medals and honorary titles to a group of scientists for their contributions in the development of Azerbaijani science.


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