AK Party plans to overhaul Cabinet structure, restructure five ministries

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government is set to overhaul the current Cabinet structure, introducing sweeping changes to five ministries, a Turkish daily has reported.
According to the SandOzcandu report, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology will be replaced by a new Ministry of Science and Technology while the Ministry of Development will be renamed the Ministry of Industry and Development. The Ministry of Science and Technology will now focus primarily on research and development activities and innovation.
The Ministry of Industry and Development will concern itself with large-scale projects such as the construction of bridges, airports, metro lines and megaprojects such as Kanal Istanbul, while regional development agencies will be restructured under the umbrella of the ministry, according to SandOzcandu.
h2 New ministry formed to regulate domestic and foreign tradeh2 The Ministry of Customs and Trade and the Ministry of the Economy will be merged in one body called the Ministry of Customs, Trade and Economy to bring domestic and foreign trade together under the same roof.
The SandOzcandu report says that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies might also see changes in the new Cabinet.
There are currently 26 members in the Cabinet, which consists of the prime minister, four deputy prime ministers and 21 other ministers. The new changes will not be introduced by the government before 2016.


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