AK Party gov’t knew of every step of military espionage probe

After its move to link the investigations into Ergenekon, a shadowy crime network that has alleged links within the state, Sledgehammer, a 2003-dated coup plot, Action Plan to Fight Reactionarysm and PoyrazkandOy, which concerns the 2009 discovery of a large cache of ammunition in the PoyrazkandOy district of Istanbul to the so-called andquotparallel structure,andquot the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has also related a military espionage investigation that was conducted in izmir to the parallel state, accusing it of masterminding the probes. The parallel state or structure is a phrase coined by then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to refer to the faith-based Gandulen or Hizmet movement following the exposure of a corruption probe in late 2013.
As part of a recent investigation, overseen by izmir deputy Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office Okan Bato, detention warrants have been issued for 57 individuals including governors and former police chiefs who took part in the military espionage investigation. The number one suspect in the current investigation, in which suspects are accused of keeping secret military documents and acting beyond their legal authorities, is Turkish-Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen, who inspired the Gandulen movement.
Although there are now efforts by the government to show the military espionage trial as a conspiracy, the government actually knew of every step of the investigation, which was launched by the izmir Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office in 2011 into a military spy ring, whose members were accused of obtaining classified military information to sell to third parties. The suspects were also accused of hiring foreign sex workers to send to military officers. The sex workers would illegally obtain personal information about the officers and blackmail them into providing the spy ring with classified information.
During the investigation into the military espionage gang, officials at the National Police Department made a presentation about this gang to then-Deputy Prime Minister Bandulent Arinandc. The presentation included details about the information and documents leaked to the gang by the bureaucrats who were suspects in the probe, in addition to some evidence. Following this, Arinandc appeared on a TV program on Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) and said the information and documents seized from the gang are an example of andquotdisgrace and immorality.andquot
During the program, Arinandc also said the gang not only infiltrated the TSK but also many other state institutions, while he described this situation as a andquotdisaster.andquot He also said Turkey should thank everyone taking part in the probe, adding: andquotI read it [investigation documents] and became embarrassed. My face went red. I saw what kind of a situation Turkey has fallen into and how deeply some state institutions have sunk into degradation. What concerns me personally is that they [the gang members] used provincial and district governors to obtain information about me and my wife. I have no connection with the individuals whose names are mentioned in the file. Some private information [about me] went to the gang via those people. andhellip If I find it serious, I could be a co-plaintiff in this case.andquot
In addition, then-head of the National Police Departmentand’s Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau (KOM) Mehmet Yeiilkaya and his team extensively briefed officials at dozens of state institutions including the Prime Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry, Interior Ministry and National Intelligence Organization (MiT) regarding the gang, which was led by Bilgin andOzkaynak, a businessman who was arrested in connection with the probe. According to backstage talk in Ankara, Yeiilkaya established a 10-member team at KOM following an order from the investigationand’s prosecutor, Zafer Kiliandc, to make the briefings. This team informed senior officials such as then-Deputy Prime Minister Arinandc, then-Prime Ministry Undersecretary Efkan Ala, then-Interior Minister Muammer Ganduler and Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, along with high-ranking officials at the Capital Markets Board (SPK), the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and MiT about the activities of the espionage gang, in addition to informing them about the information and documents seized by the gang about these state institutions. Following the briefings, some senior bureaucrats who had connections with the gang were removed from their posts. Furthermore, important documents concerning the investigation, in which there were around 300 suspects including 58 active-duty military members, were shared with the General Staff in 2012. One of the documents obtained by the gang was called andquotEk-C Lahika 2.andquot This document showed that the espionage gang collected detailed information about Turkish warships in order to place both the AK Party government and the TSK in a difficult position in the international arena.
The document also revealed that the gang examined the areas of activity of the warships as well as their work with neighboring countries and relayed this information to some power centers. Thus, the military espionage investigation against which no state authority had objections two years ago, has been sacrificed to the parallel state lies. There are now efforts to cover up the information and documents obtained by an espionage gang that infiltrated the veins of the state through the use of sex workers. Although this investigation has been covered up today out of political motivation, the public will see that the investigation was not a conspiracy as claimed when the rule of law makes a return to the country.


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