A protest held in front of Russian Embassy

A group of Turkish people held protest meeting in front of Russian Embassy in Turkish capital city of İstanbul on Tuesday. During the protest Syria and Russia protested for their latest attacks against Bayirbucak Turkmens in Syria.

Showing their reaction to Syrian and Russian bombardments against Bayirbucak Turkmens, members of Genc Memur-Sen (Young Civil Servant Union) gathered in front of the embassy building at 13:00 Turkish Local Time (GMT:11:00), chanted anti- Syrian and Russian slogans and held a press explanation. In the explanation which was made by Genc Memur-Sen General Chairman Eyup Beyhan latest attack against Bayirbucak Turkmen which is being carried out by Syrian regime forces by the help of Russian fighter jets.

Emphasizing their support to Turkmens, Beyhan said taking the imperialist Russian and Iran support Assad are heavily bombarded Turkmens all together. “They are heavily bombarding the villages where Bayirbucak Turkmens live. Indifferent women, children they are killing civilian people. We are strongly condemns cruel Russia and Assad since they are massacring Turkmens,” noted Beyhan.

“We are calling all political parties, unions, organizations and universities and 78 million to support oppressed and to finish cruelty. We call all people to take responsibility to negate the scenarios setting in the region. We can’t say “we don’t care what is going on in the Turkmen Dagi (Turkmen Mount) region”. There are oppressed people and there are people in Turkmendagi about to be killed. Women and children should not to be abandoned to Assad and Russia,” noted Beyhan.

“Why Russian planes and soldiers are in Syria? What they are doing there? They have no intention to fight with Islamic State in Iraq ant the Levant (ISIL). They target to support ‘Assad the Murderer’. They intend to be part of cruelty, atrocity and aiming at sit the exploitation table. As a Turkish youth, we will not stay indifferent these massacres and associated partners of Assad and Syria. Oh Cruel Russia! Get your pawn ‘Assad’ and get out from region. Get your killing machine planes and killer soldiers and out of from the region. Oh Putin, you can harbor your murderer friend and barbaric partner Assad in Kremlin but get out from Muslim’s land,” also added Beyhan.

Following the press release, group left from scene without committing any incident.


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