617 children dead, 1,750 injured as of Universal Children’s Day 2015

The Human Rights Association (iHD) has announced that 617 children have lost their lives in Turkey since January, a daunting statistic shared with public on Universal Childrenand’s Day, celebrated every year on Nov. 20.
In a press conference on Friday, iHD Chairman andOztandurk TandurkDogan shared details of a report on human rights abuses on children and incidents in which children died or were injured.
and”Between Jan. 1 and Nov. 20, there have been 3,891 violations of childrenand’s rights. According to the figures released by the Turkish Statistics Institute [TurkStat], this year 750 children were injured, 388 were taken into custody, 172 were subjected to torture or bad treatment and 70 went missing,and” said TandurkDogan.
According to TurkStat, the population of 0 to17-year-olds in Turkey is currently 22,838,482.
TandurkDogan said that 105 of the children who died lost their lives on dangerous refugee voyages — escaping war in the Middle East or taking the risky journey on the Aegean Sea to reach Greek islands.
Other causes of childrenand’s deaths in Turkey were armed clashes, workplace accidents, traffic accidents and drowning.
According to October figures from the Ministry of Justice, 2,296 children are presently in jail in Turkey. TandurkDogan, who opposes prison time for children in Turkey, says that alternative programs that serve to rehabilitate children should be introduced. The report said 65 children were subject to torture and poor treatment during detention or in prison.
TandurkDogan also expressed opposition to child marriage, announcing that 36,299 16 or 17-year-olds were married this year in Turkey. He adds that the number may in fact be higher, as many of these marriages are unofficial.


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