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Yunus Tiryaki, a journalist recently sacked from the Bugandun daily — which was seized in a government-led operation in the takeover of the ipek Media Group in late October — said that trustees made a proposition to some journalists to become informants.
Speaking with Todayand’s Zaman on Monday, Tiryaki, who was fired a couple of days ago, said that he was dismissed on the pretext of andquothaving a bad attitude toward his chiefs.andquot
andquotSome trustees who were assigned to Bugandun asked journalists to be informants and to reveal who are supporters of the and’parallel stateand’ [a term invented by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to defame a faith-based group known as the Gandulen movement, or Hizmet]. Moreover, the trustees told the journalists that they would be given the positions of others who were fired if they provided information on the matter. It is a shame. This is not an intelligence organization but a newspaper office. The trustees are also preparing to run stories that will defame Akin ipek [the owner of the ipek Media Group] and his family,andquot Tiryaki added.
Since the takeover of the media group, the trustees have fired over 80 journalists.
Tiryaki said that he did not have a bad attitude as was claimed, stating: andquotI have never met any of them. I am generally out in the field and send my reports in to the office. This is entirely slander. With this fabricated reasoning, my rights, such as receiving compensation, are being prevented.andquot
He further commented that the trustees made their proposal to journalists who are not actively using any social media networks, saying: andquotMy colleagues are stunned by such a proposal. We are not working for an intelligence body but for a newspaper. But the trustees have turned the daily into a unit of the intelligence organization.andquot
Although trustees appointed in such cases should be independent of any political party, figures close to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) — such as AK Party Beylikdanduzandu branch head Nevzat DemirandOz and AK Party andumraniye City Council member Ali Yazli — have been appointed as the trustees of Koza ipek Holdingand’s companies.
The interim AK Party government has long been accused by many of trying to silence those who are critical of it in an attempt to cover up its wrongdoings. The seizing of one of Turkeyand’s few critical media groups came less than a week before for Nov. 1 snap election, in which the AK Party won back its majority in Parliament that it lost in the June 7 parliamentary election.


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