5,1-magnitude earthquake jolts eastern Turkey

A 5,1 magnitude of earthquake occurred nearby the Hekimhan district of eastern Turkish city of Malatya on Sunday. Also between 2,5 and 3,0 magnitudes of aftershocks rocked the region.

According to the datum of Bosphorus University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Institute, the earthquake occurred at a depth of 2,3 kilometers in the ground, at the 0,74 kilometer northwest from Dursunlu village of Hekimhan district at 02:28 a.m. Also shaking the central Malatya, the earthquake caused to panic among the residents. Reportedly, some people flocked to streets and the lights of the some houses were switched on.

3,0 magnitude of aftershock in Yayladami neighborhood of Hekimhan district at 02:33 a.m., 2,7 magnitude of aftershock in Sarikiz neighborhood at 02:34 a.m. and 2,5 magnitude of aftershock in Karacayir neighborhood of Karacayir district at 02:41 a.m. took place.

Not any information was shared as to whether human or material loss occurred or not.

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