45 women killed in 2 months, murder of women increases

The murder of women in large part by their spouses continues to increase, according to a recently released report by the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, with 45 women being killed in September and October.
The report was prepared by Sanduleyman Demirci, Dr. Semra Gandunay and Talha Aksoy of the Perspective Strategy Research group and presented to the public by the platform. The platform explained that the majority of these deaths were caused by the victimsand’ spouses and for the most part took place in Istanbul and Diyarbakir. Thirty of the murders were conducted with a gun while 12 were with cutting implements. The majority of the victims were between the ages of 25 and 35.
In a statement made by the platform, the organization stated: and”Out of the 45 women killed in the last two months, 44 percent were married while four were married in unofficial religious ceremonies. Seven women were killed because they wanted to end their marriages.and”
The platform is continuing with its efforts to pass the and”andOzgecan Aslan Law.and” The proposed law was given its unofficial name in memory of a young university student who was brutally murdered when she resisted being raped in February. If passed, it would prohibit judges from reducing a manand’s sentence for having been and”provokedand” to murder. In many cases, men are given shortened sentences after killing wives or romantic partners they suspect of having been unfaithful, legitimizing murder as a response to infidelity.
Another pattern that the platform identified is men killing their wives who are seeking a divorce. Members of the womenand’s rights platform expressed their frustration and anger towards the protection of men who kill their wives or ex-wives using their request for separation as a legitimate pretense.
Last Tuesday, the platform was involved in a quarrel with the izmir branch of the Divorced Dads Victims Association outside a court hearing in Yalova. The trial was over the murder of Seda CamgandOz, who was killed after being knifed nine times by her ex-husband, Bandulent Diler. At the hearing, Divorced Dads Victims Association Chairman Muhammet andOzen stated, and”We would like for the suspect [Diler] to be acquitted.and” After the hearing, the womenand’s rights organization and the father of the victim were involved in an altercation with andOzen, requiring police intervention.
That same day, Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman in charge of the economy Selin Sayek BandOke stated there was a 1,400 percent increase in the murders of women from 2002 and 2009 according to figures provided by then-Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin.
and”In recent years, the notion of women leaving their homes is not even welcomed and it is found odd when women have their own social lives. A woman wanting to divorce her husband, wear a certain outfit or even have a social media account have been used as reasons for her murder,and” said BandOke.
and”The improvement of womenand’s rights will not aance the lives of just women but everyone in this country and will increase the standard of living for everyone,and” she added.


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