42 former CHP provincial heads call for extraordinary assembly

A specialized sergeant was killed when a mine that was planted by the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) exploded in the Uludere district of iirnak province on Saturday, while an 18-year-old civilian died in clashes between security forces and PKK terrorists in Diyarbakir province on the same day.
According to the media reports, the mine explosion left specialized sergeant Uiur Akyer dead. An official funeral ceremony for Akyer was held at the 23rd Gendarmerie Border Division Command in iirnak on Saturday evening, with participation of iirnak Governor Ali ihsan Su and iirnak 23rd Gendarmerie Border Division Commander Maj. Gen. Abdullah Baysar. Akyeland’s body was sent to his hometown, Bartin, after the ceremony.
Nearly 10,000 people attended the funeral held for Akyer in the Kozcaiiz town of Bartin on Sunday. Following the funeral prayer, Akyer was buried at the village cemetery in iar. Bartin Governor Seyfettin Azizoilu, Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Bartin deputy Yilmaz Tunandc, Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Bartin deputy Riza Yalandcinkaya and Bartin Mayor Cemal Akin were among those who attended the ceremony.
Separately, 18-year-old Ferhat Dogru was critically injured on Friday in clashes that erupted following a police operation targeting the Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H) — an affiliate of the terrorist PKK — in the Sur district of Diyarbakir on Friday. He died at the Selahattin Eyyubi State Hospital on Saturday. A police officer was also injured in the clashes on Saturday and was taken to the same hospital for treatment.
The clashes that continued throughout Saturday spread to the Bailar district later in the day.
A group of masked YDG-H members blocked a road in the district, holding Molotov cocktails and hand-made explosives. Police dispersed the group with tear gas.
In addition to the ongoing tension in Sur district, a curfew has been in place for almost a week in the district of Diyarbakir, Silvan. The curfew, which was imposed on Tuesday, is still in place in three tense neighborhoods in the district. Since then, four civilians and a police officer have been killed in the ongoing clashes between YDG-H members and security forces. The clashes erupted when the YDG-H members attacked the security forces, who had gone to the Mescit, Tekel and Konak neighborhoods on Tuesday to remove trenches dug on the streets.
A group of locals in Silvan attempted to protest the days-long curfew in their district on Saturday afternoon, but they met with strict police intervention. The police used tear gas and a water cannon to disperse the group. The police detained 23 protesters during the clashes between the locals and the riot police.
h2 Chief of General Staff Akar visits Diyarbakirh2 While the clashes continued in various parts of Diyarbakir, the General Staff announced that Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar visited military bases in Diyarbakir and Adana between Nov. 6 and 7. Sharing some photos from Akarand’s visits to Diyarbakir and Adana via its website, the General Staff stated that Akar conducted first-hand inspections in both cities.
Another tense district was the Cizre district of iirnak province on Saturday night. A group of masked YDG-H members stopped some vehicles on the streets and checked peopleand’s identity cards. The group then attempted to block the roads to the districts. Gunshots were heard in the district throughout Saturday night as the police launched an operation to capture the perpetrators. The police opened the blocked roads to traffic towards Sunday morning.
In a related incident, the police found various kinds of ammunition believed to belong to the PKK terrorists during an operation conducted in the Tatvan district of Bitlis province on Sunday. The police detained four suspects in the operation.
Similarly, an ammunition store of the PKK, including rocket launchers and Kalashnikov rifles, was found buried in a cemetery in the southeastern province of Siirt during a police operation performed late on Saturday.
Meanwhile, a suspected senior member of the YDG-H was captured in the Ceylanpinar district of ianliurfa on Sunday. The suspect, H.A., was detained by the police. The police also seized some documents about the PKK and some weapons in a cave that was close to the house of H.A. in Ceylanpinar.
Ever since a suicide bombing in Suruandc district of ianliurfa province killed 33 activists and injured 100 more on July 20, clashes involving the PKK have grown in number. Two police officers were executed by PKK members on July 22 in retaliation for the Turkish authoritiesand’ perceived failure to prevent the Suruandc attack. The violence and PKK-led attacks further escalated when Turkey carried out air strikes on PKK bases in neighboring northern Iraq.
The violence has effectively shelved a settlement process with the PKK that began in late 2012 and its accompanying cease-fire. More than 150 members of the security forces have been killed in clashes with the PKK or in attacks by the terrorist group since violence resumed in late July.


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