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A public prosecutorand’s office in izmir has appealed a decision from a high criminal court in the province that handed down a 15-month prison sentence to two police officers who were caught on camera beating a handcuffed woman at a police station in 2011, seeking a reduced sentence.
Security camera footage broadcast by Turkish media outlets in December 2011 showed police officers beating up 37-year-old Fevziye Cengiz, who had her hands cuffed behind her back. In the footage from the Karabailar police station, plainclothes policemen are shown hitting and slapping Cengiz, who was detained during a police raid on a nightclub.
After Cengiz was released, she filed a complaint with the izmir Chief Prosecutorand’s Office. The officers then filed a separate complaint against her, accusing her of attacking and insulting them. The prosecutor then filed a case against the police officers on charges of causing bodily harm, an offense that carries a sentence of up to one-and-a-half years in jail. Cengizand’s lawyers objected to the decision and human rights groups have also heavily criticized it, saying the two men should face charges of torture and mistreatment.
The police officers were dismissed from the izmir Police Department after the story broke, but the officers also came forward with claims that Cengiz injured them by pushing and scratching them.
In a ruling in May, the izmir 6th High Criminal Court handed down a 15-month sentence to the two police officers on charges causing simple injury, while the court imposed a fine of TL 8,840 on Cengiz, converting a 442-day-long prison sentence into a fine, on charges of insulting a police officer.
However, the courtand’s rulings have been appealed by a prosecutor who said the prison sentence given to the police officers should be reduced to between four and nine months. The prosecutor has also sought a heavier punishment for Cengiz, demanding a prison sentence of up to 63 months from seven-and-a-half months. The prosecutor has treated Cengizand’s pushing the police officers with her hands as andquotresistance through the use of force,and” claiming that the police officers beat Cengiz due to provocation from her.
Her mistreatment by police officers while her hands were handcuffed led to a public outcry as a result of which then-izmir Governor Mustafa Cahit Kiraandc apologized to Cengiz.


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