4 security force members, 1 civilian killed, 24 injured in PKK attacks

Four Turkish security force members and a civilian were killed, while 24 security force members were injured in terrorist attacks carried out by Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) militants in the Diyarbakir, Mardin and iirnak provinces on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.
On Tuesday evening, three Turkish police officers were killed after bombs planted on a road were detonated while a police car was passing by in the southeastern district of Silopi.
According to media reports, the bombs exploded while an armored police vehicle, carrying four police officers, was passing in Silopi in iirnak province on Tuesday night. Security sources said a wide scale operation against the PKK militants started after the attack late on Tuesday. The injured police officer is being treated for his wounds.
The Southeast has been rocked by a spate of clashes with PKK terrorists that have left hundreds dead since a two-year cease-fire between the Turkish state and PKK militants broke down in late July.
Also on Tuesday, 21 soldiers were injured when a military vehicle carrying troops was hit by a roadside bomb that was planted by members of the terrorist PKK in the southeastern Silvan district of Diyarbakir. According to the Dogan news agency, PKK members detonated a remote-controlled bomb at the side of the road as the armored vehicle, which was transporting soldiers, was traveling on the Diyarbakir-Silvan Highway.
A lieutenant was also killed on Wednesday in clashes between the PKK and security forces in Silvan, which has been under curfew since Nov. 2.
Media reports state that another soldier has also been injured in the operation that was launched to sweep the terrorists out of the district. An extensive operation was carried out on Wednesday following a bomb attack on Tuesday by the PKK which injured 21 soldiers.
In yet another attack of the PKK terrorists, a civilian was killed and a police officer was injured by a bomb explosion on Wednesday morning in the Dargeandthe property of all suspects on the grounds of having committed a crime against the government.
h2Manisa police chief suspendedh2 Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday that Manisa Police Chief Tayfur Erdal Ceren was suspended as part of an investigation launched into the handcuffing of the detainees during the operation.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu also ordered an investigation into the incident. The Handurriyet daily quoted Prime Ministry sources as saying that Davutoilu ordered the investigation of police officers who took part in the operation for acting against laws and procedures during the detention of suspects in the operation.
The prime minister reportedly said everyone should be treated in accordance with procedures designed by the laws and their fundamental rights should be protected.


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