300 dead, 76 million injured

300 dead, 76 million injuredPeople often say “Mining is a risky job accidents happen.” This is true — mines are risky — but accidents only happen if there is a problem. I am speaking as a person who has visited mines since his childhood. Mining accidents happen for a number of reasons: 1. The most important issue about mining is the equipment used by the workers. If the equipment does not comply with international security standards, then accident happens. 2. Accidents also happen if the managers of the mine are neither competent nor well-informed about the business. 3. If the mine is located in a risky area and if mining started before conducting a comprehensive geological research of the area, accidents are likely to happen. 4. If the managers ignore security risks in order to lower costs or increase production, accidents might happen. If all of these things are done correctly, can an accident happen? Yes, it can, but very rarely. (FATIH ALTAYLI, HABERTuRK)

SOURCE: Today Zaman

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