172 more fired by trustees at Ipek Media Group after seizure

One worker was killed and three others were injured in a blast that occurred in an unlicensed mining facility in the northern province of Zonguldak on Friday.
The explosion took place at GEL-AY Mining in the Kilimli district of Zonguldak around 4:30 p.m. Workers Bekir andciftandci, iaban andciftandci and Murat Karakui were rescued soon after the explosion while Naci andciftandci was trapped in the mine. Search and rescue teams recovered the dead body of the worker two hours after the explosion.
Turkey has an extremely poor record in mine safety. In the latest mine Disaster that shook the country, 18 mineworkers got trapped underground after a coal mine was flooded with water in the Ermenek district of the Karaman province. None of the bodies reached — days after the accident — were recovered alive. The last five bodies were retrieved 38 days after the incident.
Prior to the Ermenek tragedy, a total of 301 miners were killed in Soma, Manisa due to an explosion in a coal mine on May 13, 2014. The main cause of the mine disaster, according to the expert reports, was negligence. There was no refuge chamber in the mine, and the mine operator did not provide workers with functioning gas masks. Eight people, including a general manager and the chief executive of the mining company, were arrested on charges of and”causing multiple deaths by negligence.and”
Turkey has a daily average of 170 work-related accidents, including four deaths and five workers losing ability to work. This average ranks highest among European countries and third highest in the world.


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